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UV Inline Laser Marking Machine for PCB

Suzhou Chanxan Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
  • After-sales Service:Online Technique Support
  • Warranty:2 Years
  • Laser Visibility:Visible
  • Applicable Material:PCB Board
  • Cooling System:Air Cooling
  • Technical Class:Continuous Wave Laser

Base Info

  • Model NO.:CX-10Z
  • Laser Wavelength:Deep Ultraviolet
  • Laser Classification:Free Electron Laser
  • Type:UV
  • Marking Method:Scanning Marking
  • Laser Source:UV Laser
  • Transport Package:Wood Package
  • Trademark:Chanxan
  • HS Code:8456110090
  • Production Capacity:50000 Pieces,Year


UV Inline Laser Marking Machine for PCB

Clearer, more detailed

High-Contrast Marking

The MD-U Series is capable of generating greater contrast for more appealing aesthetics and improved readability on 2D codes.

Reduced heat

Damage-Free Marking

Through suppressed heat effects, burrs and yellow tinting are eliminated, allowing for a nearly perfect finish.

UV Inline Laser Marking Machine for PCB

The small wavelength (355 mm) of the ultraviolet laser allows a high resolution laser marking with a very low heating of the area (it is called « cold marking »).

In addition, it is ideal for marking a wide range of materials and is ideal for environments where heat is a major problem. Similarly, it allows UV laser marking on plastic and silicone, without the addition of additives, or glass with a reduced risk of micro fracture. Finally, the excellent quality of the beam is worth it to be used in the work of micro marking such as components and electronic cards, microchips, but also on solar panels and medical equipment.

UV Inline Laser Marking Machine for PCB

ItemSpecificationsNameSmall Panel PCB Automatic Inline QR Code Laser Engraving SystemLaser typeUV lasers, green laser, fiber laser, CO2 laser optionalMarking range100mm×100mm(standard lens);Max up to 200mm×200mm (depending on the type of laser, lens)

This ultraviolet laser has many advantages:

  • Reliability and very little maintenance;
    compact design;
  • Outstanding beam quality and very stable output power;
  • Integrated sighting diode;
  • Air cooling;
  • Robust mechanical and optical design to operate in an industrial environment where shocks and vibrations are not uncommon.
  • Power supply 115/230 V, power <400 VA
  • Ability to mark moving or moving parts
  • MERLIN II LS graphics management software, under windows