Suzhou Aeon Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Ong before Suzhou AEON Laser Technology Co., Ltd started its own factory to manufacture laser engraving and cutting machines, fiber laser marking machines in 2017, this industry has already been regarded as red sea market. Cheap Chinese laser machines with terrible quality flooded the world. Dealers are depressed for the low profit and end-users are complaining of the bad quality of Made in China. But, when the users looked around, they can′t find one laser machine that meet their demands for high quality at the same time with the price that they could bear.

AEON Laser was just born in her time. We collected the disadvantages of all the laser machines throughout the world and redesign the machine ourselves to just cope with the current market trends. The first model of All in one Mira series machine soon is brought to the market. And it proved to be very successful. With the endeavor of the engineers and the distributors, we react to the market feedback and upgrade the machines frequently to make them better and better.

AEON Laser soon becomes a rising star in this business. We are proud to provide the highest quality laser machines to the global market and will do better and better.

AEON LASER offers Four series laser engraving and cutting machines.

MIRA SERIES Desktop Machine: MIRA5/MIRA7/MIRA9 Working area: 5030/7050/9060

AEON MIRA laser provides maximum speed up to 1200mm/s 5G acceleration speed.

NOVA Series professional laser machine: NOVA7/NOVA10/NOVA14/NOVA16 Working area(7050/1070/1490/1610)

NOVA laser provides maximum speed up to 1000mm/s, acceleration speed is 1.8G

NOVA Super laser machine: Nova Super10/14/16, working area: 1070/1490/1610

NOVA Super provides maximum speed up to 2000mm/s, 5G acceleration speed.

Metal RF& High power DC glass tube together

Nova super series is our newest product.

Nova Elite Series Laser machine: ELITE10/Elite14/Elite16 working area: 1070/1490/1610

Nova Elite provides maximum speed up to 2000mm/s, 5G acceleration speed.

We are different, We evolve, therefore, we survive!
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