Wuxi Fengwei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Since 2000, WuXi Fengwei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd has devoted into research & development and manufacturing of automatic machinery products in 6000 m² Of a closed area. Until now, we grow into a 40000 m² Production base with adopted principle of producing high quality and latest technology, continue its service with ISO 9001 quality system and produce CE certified machines.


We, as the leading manufacturer, mainly produce Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Flame and Plasma Cutting Machine, Bevel Milling Machine, Automatic Welding Machine, Welding Assistant Machine (I. E. Welding Rotators, Welding Positioners), Wind Power Production Line, H-Beam Assembly Machine and Box Beam Production Line.

We, as invaluable consulting firm, provide customized product design and help our clients to choose the right solution.

With over 20-year experience of cutting and welding edge, we serve Boiler and Pressure Vessel companies, Wind Power and Power Tower manufacturers, Military Machinery and Environmental Protection Equipment, Shipbuilding and Bridge Constructions, Petroleum Engineering and Metallurgical Machinery industries, as well as other metalworking factories.

We have served several top 500 fortune companies in China and regularly export machines to over 30 countries with a perfect understanding of customer satisfaction and giving a continuous contribution to the national economy.
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