Anshan Dwaya Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Anshan Dwaya Laser Technology Co., Ltd is located in the Old Industrial Base in Northeast, Steel city-Anshan, Liaoning Province. This high-tech enterprise is based on laser as core technology, which depends on resource construction of Liaoning Laser Industrial Park and University of Science and Technology Liaoning. Company has its R&D team with high-degree employees and covers a production area of 8000 square meters, including ultra-clean space 2000 square meters. Our company has passed ISO9001 quality control and management system, and has established good quality control and management system as well as per-fect after-sale service system. China′s boosting manufacturing industry has gone through a transformation from the model of extensive, high energy consumption, low value-added into circular economy, high value-added, high accuracy, so our company can contribute to improve the whole national manufacturing industry level and innovation ability.

Our company is devoted to providing broad and comprehensive solutions in laser processing in the field of industrial manufacturing. At present, it has developed a variety of high power CNC laser cutting equipment, laser marking equipment, industrial automation equipment and so on, such as optic fiber laser cutting machine, CNC cutting machine, CNC laser mixed cutting machine, high speed 5-axis metal printing, CNC machining center, fiber optic marking machine, CO2 marking machine, laser welding machine, CNC punching machine, CNC bending machine and a series of other machines. It can be widely used in building, bridge construction, steel structure, underground mine, heat-engine plant, construction machinery, shipbuilding, metallurgy construction, automotive, medical equipment, aerospace, sheet metal chassis processing, craft gifts, military electronic parts, precision instruments and gauges as well as other industries.

Our company has a industrial structure including production, supply and sales, enjoying the right of the national customs declaration. What′s more it is the largest OEM processing production base in the North China. Our company carries out the business tenets of the survival with the quality, development and credibility. Through the standard management and cost reduction, Dwaya will be built into a leading enterprise of R&D and application of laser technology in China. It will become a world-class supplier for laser equipment and serve sincerely the domestic and foreign customers with high quality.
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